Join Call Pal – 3 easy steps

Our call answering solution can be broken down into three simple steps: the phone number, the script and the message.

In no time at all, we can have your business up and running with a virtual receptionist. You can run your business while benefiting from having your calls answered by our professional call answering team.

Step 1

The phone number

We provide you with a phone number. The number can be for a county of your choice. You can choose to use this number, or have your current business number diverted to it. Whichever method you choose will guarantee you never miss a call again. 78% of all business goes to the first company to pick up the phone – we will ensure you are that company.


The script

We create a bespoke script for your business. This is the script that our call answering team will use when they answer your calls. Our team of experienced virtual receptionists will be informed of your preferred company greeting and they will be knowledgeable of the general run of your business – key contacts for different areas etc, Our team also learn commonly asked questions such as opening times, current dispatch times etc.


The message

Once a call is answered we take the customer’s message and contact details and we promise to email these to you in real time. The email will usually contain the customer’s name, their company name if applicable, their enquiry, a contact number and/or an email address. Call Pal will cover all avenues and you will rest assured that you won’t miss a business opportunity again.

The understanding and interest our reception team take in your business, is what sets Call Pal apart from any other call answering service.
Call the team on 1890 511 400 / +353 91 511 414 to discuss the Call Pal package you need.

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