maintain work life balance

4 Tips to Maintaining Work Life Balance

1. Time off Covered

Need a holiday? Family commitments? Keep your work life balance in check!

When you plan on taking time off you want to make sure all of your calls and messages are being managed exactly the way you want them to be managed. This is where virtual receptionists relieve the stress and worry that can be experienced when you are stepping away from your busy workload. Your virtual receptionist can insure all calls are screened and directed accordingly keeping you in the loop if need be so you can enjoy your down time. Worry less when you are away from the desk and when you are back up and working just let your virtual receptionist know.

2. Calendar and Appointment Management

All bookings and cancellations will be managed and organised accordingly by your virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist will manage your bookings to best suit you. Enjoy a lunch break or make time for family and friends and when you are finished with work, don’t take calls or bookings just let your virtual receptionist take care of this. Call Pal has all the tips and tricks to help you keep your booking system in check.

3. Call Screening

 Let your virtual receptionist clearly manage the communication channels exactly the way you require. A virtual receptionist manages your calls saving you the time and the stress of navigating calls that don’t necessarily need your attention right away. Your time is free’d up so you can focus on more pressing issues offering you a better quality of work life balance.

4.  Reduce Stress and Worry Less 

Virtual receptionists can:

  • Answer all calls and inquiries
  • Screen calls
  • Schedule meetings and appointments
  • Take all messages when you are unavailable
  • Much more!