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Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of your business whether you are running a large 5 star hotel, a B&B or a small family run lodge. Flawless operational management is needed. From the very first moment your guests contact you to the the moment they leave, they expect the highest quality of customer service, especially in a time where guests are increasingly providing online satisfaction surveys that influence the general public’s decision when choosing accommodation.

Where the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist can be expensive, call answering can be a great cost saving alternative. If you and your staff are busy preparing rooms, looking after guests, or if your hotel is inundated with calls,  Call Pal can look after this for you. Call demands will be managed ensuring all of your callers are answered every time the phone rings.

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1. Call overflow management

Why pay for an in-house receptionist when you can have call answering experts look after your calls for you? If you step away from the phone or experience high call volumes Call Pal, will capture these calls. No more missed calls due to lunch breaks, sick days or staff annual leave days.

2. Booking information and availability

Missing a booking enquiry is not something you want! Call answering gives your guests a quick and easy way to reach out for more information any time they call.

2. Accommodation directions

Something as simple as your guests needing directions to their accommodation can be provided with ease.

4. Call filtering

 Any incoming urgent or unwanted calls such as spam callers are directed and taken care of as desired.

5. Increased customer satisfaction

All inbound calls are answered promptly by a human being giving the customer personalized contact and support. They will no longer have to wait or be put through to an automated machine.


These benefits will help you limit time on calls without it affecting your business revenue. Your callers will always be greeted by a professional call answering expert here at Call Pal and all of your callers will be treated with the highest quality of customer service.


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‘I would highly recommend the service provided by CalPal, Since we have worked together it gives us peace of mind that all calls to the Hotel are being captured. The guests feel they are talking to a member of the team which is fantastic, their service and ability to follow up are second to none and we at Nox Hotel very much look forward to working with Calpal well into the future’ 

General Manager 

Nox Hotel Galway


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