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In the last year, Call Pal has gone from solely offering business telephone answering to providing a full range of virtual office & call centre services that complement and support businesses nationwide. Find out how our full range of services can support and even enhance your business in the article below…


Call Pal Call Answering

This is undoubtedly our most sought after service as most entrepreneurs are extremely busy. More often than not, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to take calls as well as complete pending projects, attend meetings, manage the diary and much more. Having our call answering service has the following distinct advantages:


a) Savings

With every business today it stands to reason that every Euro counts. Having a dedicated receptionist working on a full-time basis is costly – more so if you are in the startup phase of your business. A call answering service is an ideal way of reducing staffing costs significantly without having to compromise your business’ professional image. And what ‘sweetens the deal’ is the fact that, with a call answering service, you are only charged when a client calls your business as opposed to paying someone to wait for your business line to ring.


b) Pick and choose

Spam and unwanted sales calls are time stealers for any business. A call answering service is an excellent way of filtering your calls so you only deal with important client calls.


d) Focus

A phone ringing off the hook isn’t a bad thing but it can pull you away from projects that require your attention. Having Call Pal’s PA Team at your disposal means that you can stay focused on important projects without any unnecessary interruptions.


e) Freedom

Growing your business often means getting out of the office and meeting your clients. having Call Pal’s PA Team manage your calls gives you the freedom to leave your office you need to with the guarantee that your calls won’t go unanswered.


Reception Too Busy?

If your business is well established, a virtual office service may seem like an unnecessary addition to your business. If your reception is particularly busy or inundated with calls, Call Pal’s Switchboard Overflow Service scan be the ideal support system for your existing reception. Essentially, whatever calls cannot be managed by your reception are routed to our experienced PA tea who answer calls in your company name. This means that every inbound call to your business is being answered which is vital for retaining your current client base as well as generating new business.


Call Pal Mail Handling


Most businesses have their beginnings in a home-based environment but having a home address on your business cards and letterheads may not lend your organisation the professional image you want it to have. Plus having to sort through a melee of business and personal letters can be tedious and even distracting. Call Pal’s Mail Handling service takes the stress out of that can arise as a result of your business sharing your home address by having Call Pal’s PA team organise your mail in our secure serviced office facility in Galway, Ireland’s Western Capital. And having your address in a city centre location can only add to the professionalism of your business.


The Smart Choice

With Call Pal’s Smart Numbers, you have the benefit of either creating a more localised feel to your business which allows you to zone in on business opportunities in a specific area or increase your presence in Ireland on a national level. It is also widely accepted that having a landline garners more trust from your potential and existing clients.


Time to get away

It can be hard to get away and truly disconnect from work even though it is imperative that every business person does so. And often when you do get away, the temptation to constantly check your emails or constantly check your phone for missed calls or mess is very high and often equates to you not having a holiday at all. Call Pal’s Holiday Cover takes the potential stress out of being away as it allows you to leave the office without the risk or concern that your business calls will go unanswered. Having our Holiday Cover means that you maintain a high customer service level, continue to grow your business and enjoy those well-deserved breaks.


Give us a call on 1890 511 400 or +353 511 414 if you are outside Ireland to find out more about our business virtual office service packages which start from as low as €30,00.


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