virtual office services Ireland

Whilst virtual offices have been a la mode for several years globally, they have really started to gain popularity in Ireland in the last number of years. If you are just starting your business, a virtual office is a great way to get your business on the market without accruing exorbitant running costs starting out. Here are some of the services we provide that make for a complete virtual office:

1. Call Pal Smart Numbers

Choosing a Call Pal Smart Number gives you the ability to either increase your existing presence in Ireland or create a more localised feel so you can hone in on business opportunities in a particular area. An added benefit of having landline number is the increased credibility it gives to your business. It’s widely believed that businesses represented solely by a mobile number are less trustworthy. Having a landline number not only makes your business look more professional, it also gains the trust of your potential and existing clients which is priceless in the business world.


2. Call Pal’s Mail Handling Service

Almost every business starts at home and that has some clear advantages. But sorting through letters pertaining to your business in your home space can be tedious and distracting. Having access to Call Pal’s mail handling service means that our team of professional PAs will collect and organise your mail in our safe, convenient serviced office facility in Ireland’s Western capital, Galway. There is also the added advantage of having your business address in a central city location, again, making your business appear more professional.


3. Call Pal Call Answering

As a sole trader or smaller enterprise, you are generally very busy and getting to the phone can be a virtual impossibility. And most entrepreneurs barely have time to check their voicemails on a day to day basis! Call Pal’s Call Answering Service means that

a) You never miss an important call again. Our Call PA team is at hand to answer calls in your company name ensuring your customers get the best possible service and managing a vital revenue source for your business

b) You can stay focused. With Call Pal managing your calls, you can focus on current projects or critical meetings without worrying about whether or not you are missing calls

c) You have the freedom to be mobile. You can leave the office whenever you need to knowing that your calls won’t go unanswered

d) Your customers’ satisfaction is maintained. Technology is wonderful and has, in so many ways enhanced and accelerated business processes. With all that said, there is still a huge value to our customers being able to connect to a human voice. There is something fundamentally reassuring to the about having their call answered and being able a professional representative of your business

e) You only deal with important calls. Spam calls are truly the bane of every business. Thankfully, with Call Pal, you don’t have to take any annoying calls because we do that for you

f) You save money. The cost of having a dedicated, in house receptionist on a full or part time basis especially when you are starting out can be impossibly high. Call Pal affords you the luxury of having a personal assistant without the heavy cost of recruiting and hiring additional employees.


With a Call Pal’s Smart Numbers, Mail Handling and Call Answering, you have all you need to have a complete virtual office that will give your business the professional image it deserves. Give us a call on 1890 511 400 and we’ll get you started with your virtual office today!


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