social media for business

Starting a business is a brave move. Period. Launching on social media can be even more daunting given that there are multiple social media platforms to choose from and countless add ons within those platforms. With that in mind, we decided to launch a blog series to help simplify the launch of your business on social media.


What’s your Identity?

It’s really important that you have a specific set of goals for your business and these should correspond with your social media plan. For example, if you have a newly opened takeaway, your initial plan would be to increase the number of walk in customers. Therefore, your social media goals would be to create more awareness of your takeaway and drive more people to your location.

Defining who you are as a business is imperative. How people perceive your business will be as a result of the vocabulary you use, images you post and the types of campaigns you run. A good starting point for creating your online persona would be to write down a list of adjectives and terms that you want people to associate with you. Keep those adjectives handy as you create a voice for your brand.

Lastly, define your target audience. Your campaigns and their success will rely heavily on how specifically you define your audience. Most social media platforms allow you to create campaigns that target potential customers from specific age ranges, occupational segments, key interests and geographic areas. Understanding these segments will help you design campaigns and create content that captivates the right audience, the right way.


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