call answering for accountants

For accounting firms, whilst there are key jobs that need to be managed by your in-house staff, there are other tasks that are worth outsourcing to experts in other fields such as telephone answering. Business call answering services are an economic way of extending your business reach and ensuring that vital tasks are completed to the customer’s satisfaction and within your budget. It can be easy to underestimate the positive impact that a call answering service can have on the day to day functioning of a company. In general, they become a seamless extension of your business by marrying well-trained PAs with smart technologies.

So what are some specific ways a call answering service can enhance your accounting business?

  1. Getting the Balance RIGHT

There is a delicate balance for any accounting firm that exists between hiring sufficient staff to ‘get the job done’ so to speak, and over hiring staff which in turn can put the business under financial pressure. For modern accountants, an in house receptionist can end up being something of an unnecessary luxury especially when an accounting firm is in its initial set up stage.Virtual PAs / receptionists can perform all the tasks an in house receptionist can including  taking calls in your company name and transferring those calls to staff within your office. The added bonus of having a call answering service is that you only pay when a client calls you as opposed to paying someone to wait for the phone to ring.

2. Customer Specific Scripts

There is always a concern that the relationship between your clients and your business can become disjointed if a call answering service manages your calls. By developing a script that is specific to your accounting firm, any customer confusion that may be caused by you outsourcing your call answering is avoided and essentially your virtual PA team becomes integrated into your organisation.


3. Help With Your Diary

When it comes to meeting clients in person, most accounting firms prefer scheduled appointments. But making these appointments can be a time consuming job. Instead of adding to an already heavy workload, you can engage a call answering service to manage your diary. An experienced, high quality appointment setting team can help populate your calendar and keep you updated as they are doing so.


In essence, a business call answering service is a cost effective way of keeping your books balanced whilst investing in your clientele. When it comes to outsourcing your services, a call answering service is one that has the potential to pay for itself from the first call.


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