Call Pal Newsletter April 2017

We’re making some changes…

Here at Call Pal we are all about changing things up to better our service to you – and our website is no exception. We are working on putting the finishing touches to our brand new website that includes the original Call Pal Call Answering product as well as a snazzy array of new services designed to enhance and grow your business such as our Smart Numbers,
Switchboard Overflow Service, Call Pal Cloud, Call Pal Cover, Business Phone Systems and more! You won’t want to miss this so stay tuned for our Go Live Date!


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Let the Call Pal Team Take Care of YOUR Business

More often than not, clients want to know what type of businesses we take care of. And the truth is, we have a wide array of businesses in our client base from sectors including the Legal, Accounting, Medical, Online Retail, Construction, Financial, Trade, Event Management and many more.

We wanted to share a case study of one of our Accounting Clients to show how we were able to help them manage their calls better from trial stage to being a permanent client.

Call Pal Case Study – Chartered Accountant, Leinster

The client, although delighted to be busy, simply could not focus on the daily workload they were faced with. Constant interruptions from inbound callers wanting to have lengthy conversations about their accounts, unwanted spam callers and standard calls that did not warrant verbal conversations were costing them a lot of time and even money when deadlines were missed. When in meetings, inbound calls from potential clients were also being missed resulting in thousands of euros in lost business.

The client gave our 7 day free trial a go so they could be sure our service was the right fit for them. Getting them set up with our free trial was so easy:

1. We simply diverted their existing landline number to our system
2. We developed their unique call answering script.
3. Once steps 1 and 2 were complete, the client was live on our system and we began taking their calls in their company name.

The client was so happy with the service during the trial, they decided to go with our Call Pal Business package. Not only is our service saving them time, it is ensuring they retain their current client base and never miss an opportunity to gain a new client.

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