A simple to use cloud phone system
Call Pal Cloud

Call Pal Cloud is a hosted telephone system specifically aimed at 1-15 user offices. Unlike a traditional setup there’s no need for an onsite system, it’s simply handsets on desks.

The service works through your internet connection to provide you with a fully featured telephony solution.

The benefits of our cloud phone system
  • Reduced line rental
  • Keep your current numbers and add more for free
  • Significantly reduced call costs
  • Local, National and UK landline calls are all free
  • No upfront costs
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Global numbers
  • Can be set up in any location or multiple locations as long as there is an internet connection
  • Tailored packages to suit your business
  • Changes with your business – increase or decrease your service monthly.

Some of the system’s features
  • Automated attendant
  • Individual voicemail
  • Speed dial
  • Direct dial
  • Pre-announcement message
  • Customised hold music
  • Voice conferencing
  • Free installation