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Hotel receptionists are without a doubt some of the busiest employees around. Even the smallest and quaintest of boutique hotels usually has a reception area that is inundated with queries from residents in the hotel, inbound calls, guest check-ins to name only a few things. It can be very easy, particularly during busy periods, for inbound calls to a hotel reception to be missed. And a missed call can mean a lost sale or even loss of existing business. In these instances, Call Pal’s Switchboard Overflow Service can be particularly helpful.


So How Does It Work?
  1. When a call comes in to your reception and remains unanswered after 3-5 rings, it will then be diverted to the Call Pal PA Team.
  2. A member of the Call PA Team will then answer the call in your hotel’s name.
  3. The Call Pal PA can either transfer the call to the required staff member or take a message on your behalf and email the critical message details to a specific staff member or centralised email address.

Our switchboard overflow service serves as a seamless extension of your hotel and ensures that you never miss an important call again.


Can We Try Before We Buy?

Absolutely! We offer a 2 week free trial that carries no risk or obligation. Our trial allows you to experience the beneficial rewards of having our professional PA team manage your calls.

To find out more about our Hotel Switchboard Overflow Service, or book a free trial, give us a call on 1890 511 400 or sign up HERE.


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2 week free trial