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Should you have a Leadership Coach?

It’s no surprise that leadership coaches are back in the business fray as a result of the high number of CEO failures in the last decade. But how exactly will leadership coaching improve your skills as a CEO and even make you a better person?


 Improved Focus and Outcomes

Charts and tables give limited ability to guage decisions as they only provide a snapshot of one facet of your business. Having access to a coach allows you to discuss ideas, the impact they will have on your business and come to sounder conclusions as a result. It also means you’re not being told what you want to hear all the time. An external, objective opinion can also give you the confidence to make the bold moves necessary for outstanding success


Keeping a level head

A common reason why CEOs fail is because their ego has blinded them making them predominantly ego driven. Research shows that in any new role you undertake, there is a 40% chance you will under perform, while a staggering 82% of CEOs and leaders fail because they are unable or unwilling to build a rapport with their peers and employees. Having a strong relationship with a leadership coach who will be candid and tell you what you need to know will undoubtedly improve your decision making and reduce potentially catastrophic mistakes.


Checking your blind spots

An often neglected area by CEOs is what aspect of leadership they need to better themselves in. Your business instincts may be legendary but perhaps you don’t have the skills (yet) to motivate your team to turn your instinctive magic into reality. The truth is, leaders are not ‘one size fits all’ entities. They come in all shapes and sizes and excel in certain areas whilst failing in others. Leadership coaching will have you view your abilities open-mindedly and highlight how you can improve the areas you weaker in and enhance your strengths. Ultimately, this will make you more effective in your role.


Landing the job

The candor and objectivity of a leadership / business coach will give you a compelling advantage when it comes to landing a new role or position. It’s unlikely that a company would be disappointed that their new executive has a foundation in leadership coaching and is well grounded – meaning they have eliminated the ‘I’ in teamwork.


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Is your business telephone still relevant?

The digital age we live in has given us such a vast range of ways to communicate that it can be easy to forget just how important phone calls are. All you have to do nowadays is pick up your smartphone and open an app such as Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger etc to communicate with someone. So picking up the phone and speaking to someone may not be as obvious as it seems. And whilst customers and consumers love contacting the brands they  are working with over social media, talking to another human being over the phone cannot be beaten. Here are 5 reasons that support why we think it’s a good idea to get talking…

1. Believe it or not, not everyone is on the internet

Although we’ve already pointed out that the world at large seems to centre around social media and ecommerce sites, a valid point worth remembering is that not everyone is online – and not everyone is online all the time. Ignoring offline clients means you run the risk of alienating a significant number of potential clients and pushing them into the open arms of your competition.

2. Speaking of your competition…

There is a very real chance that your competition is 100% online in which case you stand to gain a real competitive edge over them by having a human voice at the end of your phone line. A ‘real live person’ answering a client query over the phone gives way to a positive image of your company being developed in the caller’s mind. By speaking to them, you connect on a personal level that no other form of communication (other than face to face) can reach. This means that when the client thinks of your company, they’ll remember your voice as opposed to an impersonal email.

3. A phone is great for your brand

Potential customers looking for a company to work with or buy from, more often than not look for a phone number. A phone number gives the same legitimacy to your company as having an office in a reputable location or a website compiled by a  professional designer. And it reinforces your offline presence by confirming that you are  a  real business.

4. People who call generally have a problem that needs solving

People calling a business over the phone generally have a question or a problem that needs to be resolved quickly. Talking to customers directly over the phone is a great way of helping to solve their problems quickly as well as identifying issues that may affect other customers as well. An example is a customer calling in relation to a broken link on your website. Your answering their call not only saves you a sale, it also means you can quickly solve a problem that could have cost you thousands of sales had you remained unaware of it.

5. It’s personal

Complex problems or problems of a personal or sensitive nature are often best solved over the phone. Also, when it comes to scheduling appointments or deliveries, speaking to a person who has their schedule to hand can greatly reduce the frustration caused by seemingly endless hours of email tennis.


The bottom line is that, in spite of the world being obsessed with digital communication, your phone is still relevant and very important to the successful running of your business.

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If you’ve decided to make the leap into the entrepreneurship world, then congratulations are in order. It’s a brave move that few make and yet you’ll find no end to the number of people offering you advice on how to run your business – and that can be overwhelming. Try not to over analyse or complicate matters. The simpler the steps towards starting your business and making it a success,  the better. We’ve outlined a few just to get you started.

1. Have a Plan

There is no way around this one and yet it is surprising how often people launch into business without having a plan. The fact of the matter is, you need a detailed plan that clearly maps out the challenge ahead of you. Your plan should include your mission statement, highlight any openings you have noticed in you chosen market/field, contain measurable goals and set deadlines for reaching each goal along the way.


2. Have the Right People Around You

Yes, you will need the right mentors and partners to help steer your ship so to speak but having a great team around you is equally important. They have the power to effect positive change that will transform your company and accelerate its growth. Bringing in employees with a positive can-do attitude creates a culture where team work takes precedence. If everyone is encouraged to participate, you can celebrate your successes and discuss overcoming your failures together.


3. Put Yourself Out There

Having the right team around you work wise is imperative. But so is networking with other members of the business community around you.Establishing your business could take time so until that happens, you’ll have to be your own brand ambassador and explain to people the benefits of working with your business as well as why they should give you a chance. Get the momentum going by finding out what events, trade shows and networking groups exist that will strengthen your business to business relationships. Those initial contacts can become future clients, mentors, even key partnerships that have the ability to grow your business.


4. Stay One Step Ahead

The day to day running of your business will be important but getting stuck in the present is a mistake you can’t afford to make. You need to keep one eye focused on the future. It’s absolutely essential because failure to do so may mean you miss the next big thing for your business. The most successful business people prioritise the study of trends and can foresee what’s coming around the bend. This allows for constant, successful adaptation and evolution of your business. Make sure you are constantly reading trade magazines and websites so you can stay up to date with developing trends in your industry. Being current and relevant will keep your finger on the pulse giving you the advantage of being able to predict what your customers will want as well as what direction your competition might take.


5. Balance It Out

Whilst having a new business that you are passionate about is exciting, it dies take an extraordinary amount of time and energy. For that reason, it’s crucial to find a healthy work-life balance and that can be tricky.It’s very easy to start letting work take precedence in your life. Don’t. Taking care of your health and well being should be at the top of your list because your business cannot run without you especially in its early stages. Being constantly caught up in the work hustle with no let up can and will burn you out and put a cap on how much you can achieve sooner or later. Make it your business (excuse the pun) to find ways to keep a healthy life perspective and safeguard healthy relationships that exist outside your work environment. Setting aside time to exercise, catch up with family and friends or just relax will keep you energised and motivate you to persevere and continue to dream big.


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The Millionaire Mindset

Let’s face it – no one goes into business to lose money and the dream of becoming financially wealthy is one so many of us share. For most people though, the dream remains just that – a dream. Why is that, you ask? Simply put, it boils down to the mind and where the focus lies. A lot of people, whilst they are happy in their current situations, are comfortable. Comfort, however is the eternal burial ground for growth and progress. So how does one make the cross over from unhappy comfort to millionaire? It’s all in the mind….


  1. Focus on it then grab it!

The truth is, a large number of people are afraid to say what they want and then pursue it. When you want to accomplish something, thinking, ’I could never do that will keep you stuck. Think, ‘I COULD do that and I WILL do that!’ Millionaires play to win, not to avoid defeat. Does that give you licence to become selfish and obnoxious. Not at all. IT simply means becoming more self-assured and honest with yourself. The idea of walking all over people to get to the top is antiquated and unnecessary. If you get the right mindset, there really is a big pot of gold that you have a right to grab hold of. You deserve it!


  1. Spending v Investing

Millionaires tend to and need to be frugal people. After all, they understand the true value of the money they are investing. Being self-employed tends to go hand in hand with becoming a millionaire and at some point you may need to look at reducing your regular work hours or even quitting your regular job to make your money work for you. So instead of splurging on that new phone or wardrobe, you could use that money to invest in the stock market. By finding the right shares, that money could easily double itself in a year. And the stock market isn’t the only place to invest – there’s always property and of course, your own education.


  1. Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaal!

Getting rich quickly sounds attractive but a more sustainable way of getting rich is by becoming goal orientated. The truth is, only lottery winners become millionaires overnight. BY setting yourself feasible goals, you will get there eventually. An example of this would be that you’re making enough to pay the bills and avail of a few luxuries. Your first goal may be to have €10,000 saved in a year which is not easy but doable. You then need to work out the steps you need to take to achieve that goal. Those steps should primarily favour growth over cutbacks. You may have skills outside your workplace that you can monetise to boost your bank balance. Liquidating unnecessary items can be another way of earning capital to reach your goal. If these don’t raise enough capital to help you reach your goal, then it’s time for those spending cutbacks. Think making your lunch instead of buying it and cutting down on the luxury spends.


  1. Keep your head in the books

Invest in yourself – it is the best thing you can do. Leaving the educational system does not mean that your learning days have ceased. 100 books – that is how many books Warren Buffet estimates he read on investing before he turned 20 in comparison to zero…which is the number most people read after they leave school. The question is, who would you rather be? Learn as much as you can. Learn everything you can about how economics work, the stock markets and how they trend. If it’s a new skill, learn as much as you can about it. More often than not, you would be surprised at how often skills that seem useless can become extremely useful in the right situation.


  1. Bigger is better

Small goals are always a great starting point and are advisable but there is no doubt that you should have a big goal in mind. If it’s a business, start it and make it a success. Alternatively, your big goal may be to invest your way to millions and do little outside of research. And remember, not achieving your big goal is not a shameful thing. If you have a business and your goal for the year was to make 1 million Euro profit and you ‘only’ made a profit of €500,000, then you are till streets ahead of most people. Reach for the stars (excuse the song quote!) and if you happen to miss them, you’ll still be over the moon.


  1. Make friends with the attention

Self-promotion is a large part of becoming a success. And by self, we don’t necessarily mean you personally – it could be drawing attention to your brand. Wherever it is directed, it is true that attention attracts money. So never shy away from getting your name out there. Find your spotlight and be gutsy enough to step into it. Remember: you ultimately control your destiny. Fight hard enough for anything and you’ll get it.


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With 2016 falling fast into our rear view mirror, most of us have begun 2017 with a greater hope and renewed confidence. We might even be ready to take a few risks in our businesses. Not all risks, however are the equal. There is a massive difference between risks and foolish risks. Foolish risks essentially are those taken without doing any research, due diligence or taking any possible negative consequences into account. Don’t get us wrong, foolish risks CAN deliver positive returns – but the fact that you are entering a situation blindly and don’t know exactly what’s waiting on the other end, you are fundamentally rolling a dice. Calculated risks are backed by larger amounts of research and though the results won’t always be positive, enough homework will have been done to know if the chances of success rank higher than the chance of failure. Though we often shy away from risk for various reasons, understanding how to zone in on calculated risks will mean have no problem taking chances.


Tips for Taking Calculated Risks

1. Do Your Homework

It may not have been one of our favourite parts of being in school, but having your homework done is important to taking any calculated risk. You have to understand every detail and subtlety of the decision that you can. This allows you to discover any dangers or potential issues that may arise. Taking calculated risks is much like being a sports bettor. Contrary to the common belief that successful gamblers are just lucky individuals, they actually conduct lots of research and never make emotionally based decisions. Let’s just say a sports bettor wants to place a bet on a football match – a seasoned bettor would never just look at previous matches or a current league position and place a bet. They would always review picks from a handicapper of good repute and analyse the trends. As a startup CEO, you need to do the same thing. Even when taking a calculated risk, you need to enlist a trusted advisor, go over the number and negotiate the best deal. That wayou can ensure you’re taking a calculated risk.

2. Set Checkpoints and Goals

The end point of any calculated risk can be months, even years away. To stay the course of the inevitable process involved, you need to carefully identify and put into action checkpoints and goals. Goal setting is often discussed at length with focus either consciously or subconsciously revolving around long term or ‘end’ goals. Short term goals are often left by the wayside – and yet they are more important as they keep you on track. The path of any calculated risk is marked by several goals and checkpoints and they should be in place well before making a decision.

3. Foresee Mistakes

Before making any decision, consider the positive outcomes but pay particular attention to the negative ones. Examples of things you need to think about include ‘How would your business respond if the deal lost money?’ ‘If project deadlines are missed, how will you make up the time in order to meet them?’ ‘If partnerships are broken, what course of action will you take?’ Intelligent risk takers preempt potential mistakes and account for them. If you foresee too many mistakes, it probably means the risk is too high and you should consider moving in a different direction.

4. Accept that things will probably change

Business decisions rarely go exactly to plan. While you cannot always control whether the outcome will be better or worse than anticipated, you can control how you respond. Say the budget gets slashed significantly – slamming your head into your desk will more than likely doom you to failure. If, however, you’re willing to pivot, you’ll head back to the drawing board to find a solution. We often hear about entrepreneurs who took serious risks and found success but you rarely hear about what went wrong behind the scenes. In every success story, the decision makers are willing and ready to pivot in order to find success.

5. ‘No’ – It’s A Good Word!

Learning to say ‘no’ in your personal life and career is a fantastic skill to adopt especially when it comes to risks and opportunities. Jumping at every opportunity that comes across your path will leave you with no time or space to take the risks that have a high probability of succeeding. Psychologist, executive coach and speaker Camille Preston puts it perfectly – ‘Whatever the psychological back story, whatever the reason, the fact remains that saying yes to too many things is overwhelming and counterproductive. By saying yes to too many things we may, we may be saying no to some very important things. If your plate is too full, there’s no room for the unexpected or ideal opportunity.’

6. If It Feels Good, JUMP!

You’ve done your due diligence, run the figures, looked at what could go right and wrong with your risk…and yet you’re afraid to pull the trigger on your decision. That’s understandable and you wouldn’t be the first entrepreneur to feel that way. All we can say is, if you’ve done your homework and the water feels good so to speak, take the plunge. There comes a point when you have to jump in spite of the unknowns. Trust your instincts, rely on your research and with a bit of luck, it will all work out in the end.


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Call Pal got a bit nostalgic this week, when we heard about about the Nintendo NES Classic, it was love at first sight, we had to have one! Unfortunately, they sold out before they even hit the shelves. Thus our epic quest began….


Thankfully our quest was not in vain and the latest addition to the office arrived safe and sound on Monday morning.


Being the generous and thoughtful little elves you know we our, of course, our first thought was to offer it as a prize to all those devastated individuals who couldn’t find one of their own.

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We’ve already talked about how important it is to have an identity for you company and an initial goal when you launch your business in the social media world. Of equal importance is knowing which social media networks would be the best for you to engage with. Gaining an understanding of some of the more popular social media networks will be hugely beneficial to you and will also help you decide which ones are the right fit for you.


Start by listening first. Before setting up accounts for your business, it’s a good idea to set up personal profiles on popular social networks and use them first as an individual. A worthwhile exercise is searching for popular keywords related to your business to its products to get a sense of how each social network operates. Pay attention to the search results for these key words to discover how people interact with these topics. Would your business fit into these discussions? Would engaging with these people and conversations be valuable?


You will also need to understand the nature of each social network as style of content and tone will differ from one social platform to another. An example would be Twitter which is popular for real-time updates and shorter, micro-blog content. Pinterest and Instagram on the other hand are more visual and both are more popular on mobile phones as a result.

Through your social platforms you also want to find out where your customers are. By searching for your products on popular social networks, you can figure out what social platforms your existing clients are using and whether they are talking about your business on those platforms.

If you find one particular social media platform mentions your business a number of times, consider building your presence on that platform so that you can interact with that audience.


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Starting a business is a brave move. Period. Launching on social media can be even more daunting given that there are multiple social media platforms to choose from and countless add ons within those platforms. With that in mind, we decided to launch a blog series to help simplify the launch of your business on social media.


What’s your Identity?

It’s really important that you have a specific set of goals for your business and these should correspond with your social media plan. For example, if you have a newly opened takeaway, your initial plan would be to increase the number of walk in customers. Therefore, your social media goals would be to create more awareness of your takeaway and drive more people to your location.

Defining who you are as a business is imperative. How people perceive your business will be as a result of the vocabulary you use, images you post and the types of campaigns you run. A good starting point for creating your online persona would be to write down a list of adjectives and terms that you want people to associate with you. Keep those adjectives handy as you create a voice for your brand.

Lastly, define your target audience. Your campaigns and their success will rely heavily on how specifically you define your audience. Most social media platforms allow you to create campaigns that target potential customers from specific age ranges, occupational segments, key interests and geographic areas. Understanding these segments will help you design campaigns and create content that captivates the right audience, the right way.


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grow your business in Ireland

At Call Pal, we understand that starting and growing a business requires a huge investment of time and money. Here are a few national and global services that could help you, whether you’re a new startup or a business looking to expand.

  1. Enterprise Ireland

Established in 1998, Enterprise Ireland has been a forerunner in funding businesses in Ireland. Aside from the funding they provide, the Enterprise Boards located throughout the country also provide invaluable free services such as introductions to industry experts as well as potential customers/clients for your business.

  1. ie

As the name suggests, Getting Business Online will either help you get your website up and running or help to promote your current website. Benefits include easy to manage websites, free .co, .eu, .biz or .com domains for the first year, ongoing tips and education and expert Adwords support, all for free!

  1. Google My Business

The most popular search engine worldwide, it’s absolutely vital that your business can be found easily on Google. Google My Business is a fantastic way of getting your business listed on Google and you can include the following details for free – your company location through Google Maps, your opening hours, company website, contact details and customer reviews.

  1. Social Media

Social Media has become a tour de force in the business world with FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn andGoogle+ ranking among the most influential platforms for businesses worldwide. The beauty of these platforms is that they are free to post to and have the power to exponentially grow your business.

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