Start Summit 2019

This Christmas we want you to relax and rewind –  you’ve been working hard all year. Spend time with your loved ones while we manage your company’s calls as if they were our own!

Start Summit 2019

This Christmas we want you to relax and rewind –  you’ve been working hard all year. Spend time with your loved ones while we manage your company’s calls as if they were our own!

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This Christmas we want you to relax and rewind –  you’ve been working hard all year. Spend time with your loved ones while we manage your company’s calls as if they were our own!

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This Christmas we want you to relax and rewind –  you’ve been working hard all year. Spend time with your loved ones while we manage your company’s calls as if they were our own!

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In spite of the sheer volume of communication we do through text and email, nothing beats the human element of a phone call when you need to discuss the finer details of a situation, follow up with a client or assist in a crisis. The phone is generally the first place a client will run to when they need to make contact with you quickly. So why are inbound client calls such a big deal? According to numerous customer service surveys, what separates the top companies from their competition is the way they handle their calls. With that in mind, here are some comprehensive tips to help you master the art of handling your inbound client calls…

  1. Be a ‘GOFI’ – ‘God/Goddess of First Impressions’

According to one of the manager of one of the UK’s most successful call answering services, you need to be a God/Goddess of first impressions. Every inbound caller will form a first impression of you…quickly. Therefore, it’s important that you come across as warm, helpful and efficient as opposed to discourteous, disinterested and grumpy. So moving beyond a terse ‘hello’ is essential.


2. Have a ‘can do’ focus

If you are busy, tight for time and cannot go into detail with your caller, take their details and let them know that you will call them back. Never leave clients without a resolution to their query or a follow up solution.


3. Nod verbally

Verbally nodding is simply committing to what you are saying even if your response to the client is that you are unsure of something. Your positivity and decisiveness will reassure the caller and make the m feel like they are in safe hands. Not having the answer to every question is absolutely fine – but always suggest the you can find the required information and revert to the caller as soon as possible. Try to give a time frame for this as opposed to leaving the matter up on the air.


4. Cheerfulness over chattiness

6 seconds – that is roughly the length of time you have to decide how to deal with a caller’s query and how to progress with the call. This is because business people in particular want to get to the point. Keep the friendly chit chat to a couple of lines and then get to the heart of matter as quickly as possible.


5. Be Efficient and Reassuring

Try not to rely on stock phrases or replies. Whilst there are general greetings and responses you would give to clients, one should never have a ‘one size fits all approach to your clients. Your inbound callers need to be certain that you are listening to them and taking their call seriously as opposed to mechanically going through the motions.


6. Smile

Believe it or not, smiling while you speak will ensure your tone matches our greeting. Smiling immediately makes you sound more cheery and articulate. Not only that, it conveys and enthusiasm and energy that you only get with a smile.


7. Think of Each Client as your Million Euro Client

If your client wanted to spend 1 million Euros, how would you speak to them – that’s how every client should be greeted. Your greeting and service should so impress your clients that they are queuing up to work with you!


Want your inbound callers to get the million Euro treatment? Then give us a call and we will select the perfect CallPal package for you. Not sure it’s for you? Then why not avail of our 7 day free trial – no risks, hidden charges or obligation. Just peace of mind while we manage your calls.


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The Value of Networking

It is a universal truth that networking the right way can earn you money. More often than not, though, it can feel like you are attending an endless string of networking events and seeing no monetary return for your efforts. That really shouldn’t be the case and won’t be provided you follow some basic rules…


The Dont’s

Let’s have a look at the DON’TS of networking first.


  1. Overextend yourself by attending a plethora of meetings on a weekly or monthly basis.
  2. Don’t necessarily give your business card to everyone you meet.
  3. Don’t necessarily take a business card from everyone you meet.
  4. This is an obvious one but if there are drinks being served at your networking event, don’t have too many. Chances are, if it’s an evening event, you haven’t eaten since lunch so having one too many mightn’t be the best idea.
  5. Lastly, don’t spend loads of time talking to someone who doesn’t ask about your business and what it does.


The Dos

  1. Believe it or not, it is OK to excuse yourself and either talk to someone else or take a quick restroom break if you are finding a conversation is extremely one sided.
  2. Shake hands like you mean it – no wishy washy handshakes!
  3. Try to keep your business cards in one pocket and the business cards you receive in another. For the ladies out there, try to keep the cards you receive in one section of your purse and the cards you are giving out in a separate section of your purse or handbag. You want to be able to efficiently hand out your own cards as opposed to accidentally handing out someone else’s business card.
  4. Go with the aim of making 2 to 3 great connections.
  5. Choose 2-3 networking events that you can go consistently and get to know the people who attend.
  6. Make sure you approach people and begin your conversation with open ended questions like ‘What do you do etc…’ And then LISTEN to what they say in response as you could refer them to someone based on the information they render.
  7. Having someone with you means you can run a ‘tag team networking’ system as it’s generally easier to talk about someone else than it is to talk about yourself.
  8. Finally ask people if you can follow up with them and what their preferred method of contact would be – social media, text, email or even better, a good old face to face meeting over coffee.


Networking really is a great way of creating brand awareness for your company as well as increasing your credibility. A lot of times, networking allows for the creation of relationships with people who have the potential to send business your way, become your clients and even long lasting friends. So put on your best smile and have some fun mastering the art of networking!


We want to help you better network with your clients by making sure you never miss another sales call from a potential or existing client. To find out more about our professional, nationwide call answering service, call us on 1890 511 400 or send an email to


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