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Outsourcing = The Competitive Edge Your Business Needs

Regardless of the stage of growth your business is in, outsourcing can prove to be an extremely beneficial asset to your business with the capacity to greatly increase flexibility and efficiencies as well help to reducing company expenditure! Here are some reasons why outsourcing could work for your business.

Coping with change has never been easier!

We all find it difficult to cope with change and in a business environment outsourcing is a great way to adjust to changes that may affect you by allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your projects at hand. With the help of virtual reception services, if and when your business grows your virtual reception grows with you.

First impressions mean everything!

Over 4000 new businesses start up each month here in Ireland alone! Starting a new business is no easy task and it is extremely important to put your best foot forward when dealing with your customers and clients needs. Virtual reception services maintain the highest level of professionalism, enhancing your business services. As most small businesses do not have the money to match the in-house support services that large-scale organizations have, outsourcing can provide you with the same access to tools and support that large-scale organizations have but with much more affordable options – even for the smallest budgets.

Advantages of Outsourcing Reception Service

Studies show that 62% of callers do not phone back if there is no dial tone – and 79% will not phone back if the calls go unanswered! With Callpal  your business will no longer suffer. Your calls will be managed exactly the way you require from the Callpal PA Team. All of your calls will be:

  • Screened
  • Handled efficiently
  • Appointments will be made
  • Calls will be directed as per instructed
  • You will receive clear messages
  • You will have your own personalized answering message

Why a virtual PA?

  • No more missed calls
  • Faster and better services
  • Increased efficiency
  • Highly professional specialized service
  • Dedicated local area code business number
  • Friendly and professional service every single time the phone rings
  • When your business grows your reception grows with you

No matter what business you are in wherever you are in the world, Callpal’s professional services we have you covered.

Do you want the edge?

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