call answering service Ireland

When it comes to being entrepreneur, the truth is, once your business idea/dream becomes a reality, the hard work begins….AND LOTS of it. On a macro level this is easy but on a micro level, things become more difficult especially when it comes to answering potential and existing client calls. An alarming fact is that 60% of customers who call a business WILL NOT leave a voice mail if their call is unanswered meaning the risk of losing revenue due to unanswered calls is quite high.

In addition to this problem is the reality that having a dedicated receptionist that can attend to your calls can be costly particularly at the front end of your business. Bearing all of that in mind, call pal’s call answering service can be a great solution to all of these problems and here’s how…

  1. Professional image

Our dedicated receptionist team answers calls in your company name and messages are taken in a professional and efficient manner. Messages can also be sent through by text message to ensure you never miss a call even when you are in a meeting.

  1. NEVER miss a customer’s call again

Sales calls are the lifeblood of every business and to not answer a potential customer can mean they choose to go with your competitor. It can be that quick! Having call pal take care of your calls means that the caller can be dealt with immediately and details of their enquiry taken. This essentially means you will have the information readily available to provide the answers to your clients enquiry.

  1. Time Management

Many of your calls can be general enquiries that can eat away at you and your team’s time. Our receptionists can handle the day to day general enquiries which will allow your team to focus on the business goals and grow your business.

  1. Reduced Receptionist Costs

Staff costs are expensive and are increasing year on year. For many businesses the requirement for a full time receptionist is no longer economical. Even if you have your staff manage the inbound calls, this will detract them from their other tasks which will ultimately cost you money.

Telephone answering services can represent a huge saving in comparison to handling your calls in-house.

Our team of receptionists lend a professional image to your business that will give the impression that your business is large in size and influential in the business world.

  1. Perception is Everything

call pal can provide your business with ANY IRISH Geographical number. If you are thinking of expanding into a new location, we can provide you with a number for that town or city.

If this has peaked your interest and would like to find out more please contact us on 1890 511 400.