How can Call Pal assist you and your new-business venture?

Let us show you how!

Starting on a small scale –cutting out unnecessary costs: Here at Call Pal we can appreciate the business world is a scary place for entrepreneurs starting off their business. Bravado is a great trait in any entrepreneur but a smart business person will take controlled risks where they can. You may envision your business successful on a global level with hundreds of staff helping it to grow – and we hope you get there! But every business starts somewhere and that somewhere is usually on the ground. You’re only one person and you need help – but full time help doesn’t need to cost upwards of €35,000 a year by hiring. Call Pal are offering you a full time virtual receptionist to cater to all your business needs at only a fraction of the price tag. We cater the service to your business needs. We can manage your diary, we can take your calls and send you messages and we can manage your post. We can do all the mundane bits while you drive your business from the ground up.

Putting yourself and your business out there: Nobody is rooting for you to succeed more than Call Pal are – because when you prosper, we prosper! We have a social media following on which we feature our clients’ businesses every week across all of our social media platforms. We will promote your business and what you do but we do not have to mention you use our call-answering service. You can be mentioned in news-letters which will come to the attention of our other clients – this is a great way of building your social network and getting your name out there. We know plenty of our clients who have been introduced by Call Pal and have since become one-another’s assets.

Staying Focused while Taking Chances: You can spend weeks, months or even years tediously planning every move and anticipating failures. You will lose momentum and talk yourself out of your dream by over-analysing. You’ll need to prepare, that’s a given, and you’ll need to give your business’ growth your undivided attention. Don’t miss opportunities because you haven’t had time to assess them. Allow a call-answering virtual receptionist to put your mind at ease. You can still be hands on and take your calls – we’ll work off a manage and transfer system them so you can avoid taking time-wasting calls. You may decide some days you have no time for calls – you can trust us not to bother you and to deliver efficient messages. Having a virtual receptionist will split the workload so you can sell your business and we’ll be happy to watch it grow.

Contact Call Pal today to discuss a plan to suit you on 1890 511 400. We’ll be happy to help you work toward your dream.



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