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Enhance your day to day communication and productivity

In today’s work environment flexibility is increasingly important. Here at Callpal we know the importance of keeping the channels of communication clear and open. Whether you are on the road, working from home or in the office Callpal can help you stay connected and offer flexibility giving you more time to focus on the task at hand. Our sister company Sleepless have the tools to help your business with Microsoft Office 365. Anytime access with Microsoft Office 365 enhances communication and collaboration so you can stay connected whenever and wherever you are.

Enhanced collaboration and communication

With access to all the same desktop applications we know so well Office 365 enhances productivity in your day to day functions giving you access to the tools you need across multiple devices. Sharing information with more than one person such as documents or calendars has never been easier and here at Call Pal this is extremely helpful to the team. With OneDrive colleagues can access and work on the same documents at the same time and once work is complete, progress is tracked and noted so that anyone in the group can quickly determine what has been done and what still needs to be completed. With built in security it becomes easier than ever allowing collaboration with your colleagues and clients so you stay connected. Password protection is established that allows your team to quickly access shared work.

Stay connected!

“The real power of Office 365 is that it facilitates collaboration and makes teams more effective,” said Donald Nilson, who wrote “Microsoft Office 365 in Business” (Wiley Publishing, 2011) with co-author David Kroenke.

Enhance your business productivity and transform your day to day communication and collaboration with ease:

  • Experience accurate diary keeping as any updates made on any of your devices will be automatically linked
  • Shared access from all of your devices
  • Manage tasks and teamwork with Microsoft Planner
  • Manage schedules with the team and daily work tasks with Microsoft StaffHub
  • Get a hub for teamwork with Microsoft Teams
  • Inform and engage with a company-wide intranet and team sites with SharePoint
  • Skype for Business lets you collaborate from anywhere in the world. Schedule meetings, host PowerPoint presentations and share files with your colleagues and clients in real time. Sharing your screen and recording meetings has never been easier.

Data security and control

One of the most important factors in choosing a cloud service is security. This has been a big stumbling block for many companies considering moving to the cloud. Microsoft’s online services have been designed with continuous compliance and security in mind. Office 365 in the cloud also has the flexibility of integrating with a company’s on- premise solutions should it be required. The huge benefit associated with relocating to the cloud are those costs of maintaining servers and break fix costs are gone. You have control over your data security and compliance with privacy, transparency, and refined user controls built right in to Office 365.

If your company is determined to use the latest software version at all times but find there is so much hassle and effort involved in ensuring that the latest updates are always installed in the IT infrastructure, Microsoft Office 365 eliminates this hassle. You will no longer have to worry about upgrades as seamless updates will take care of this.

No more unexpected Costs!

Depending on the size and demands of your business you can choose the plan that suits you best and we here at Call Pal have seen the benefits more than ever.

Microsoft Office 356 with Sleepless

The key benefit of partnering with Sleepless are they allow customers to concentrate on managing their business rather than their IT systems.  Traditional “non-cloud” IT systems require significant investment and maintenance along with choosing the right technologies. Sleepless helps to remove this burden offering support when you need it so you can focus on running your business.

Have a chat with one of the team members at Sleepless today. 

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