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Should you have a Leadership Coach?

It’s no surprise that leadership coaches are back in the business fray as a result of the high number of CEO failures in the last decade. But how exactly will leadership coaching improve your skills as a CEO and even make you a better person?


 Improved Focus and Outcomes

Charts and tables give limited ability to guage decisions as they only provide a snapshot of one facet of your business. Having access to a coach allows you to discuss ideas, the impact they will have on your business and come to sounder conclusions as a result. It also means you’re not being told what you want to hear all the time. An external, objective opinion can also give you the confidence to make the bold moves necessary for outstanding success


Keeping a level head

A common reason why CEOs fail is because their ego has blinded them making them predominantly ego driven. Research shows that in any new role you undertake, there is a 40% chance you will under perform, while a staggering 82% of CEOs and leaders fail because they are unable or unwilling to build a rapport with their peers and employees. Having a strong relationship with a leadership coach who will be candid and tell you what you need to know will undoubtedly improve your decision making and reduce potentially catastrophic mistakes.


Checking your blind spots

An often neglected area by CEOs is what aspect of leadership they need to better themselves in. Your business instincts may be legendary but perhaps you don’t have the skills (yet) to motivate your team to turn your instinctive magic into reality. The truth is, leaders are not ‘one size fits all’ entities. They come in all shapes and sizes and excel in certain areas whilst failing in others. Leadership coaching will have you view your abilities open-mindedly and highlight how you can improve the areas you weaker in and enhance your strengths. Ultimately, this will make you more effective in your role.


Landing the job

The candor and objectivity of a leadership / business coach will give you a compelling advantage when it comes to landing a new role or position. It’s unlikely that a company would be disappointed that their new executive has a foundation in leadership coaching and is well grounded – meaning they have eliminated the ‘I’ in teamwork.


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