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MEET: Donna

Welcome to Meet the Team Monday! Every Monday we’ll be giving you a bit of behind the scenes access to the people that make Call Pal happen. We have asked each member of staff to give us a quick bio on themselves and for a bit of added fun we also asked them a number of quick fire  random questions. This week we introduce to you, Donna!

Donna Murray

This week we are focusing on Donna. 


Donna hails from Scotland with a strong background working in the Hotel and Hair and Beauty Industry in customer service roles. With over 10 years experience Donna is a vital part of the Call Pal Team taking care of your calls each day with a warm and welcoming manner. In her spare time she loves to spend time with my friends and family and especially her 20 month old son Archie. Donna is an incredible leader to The Call Pal team as the Office Manager, she goes above and beyond to look after our clients and the team.



yacht Q: If you could get a yacht what would you call it?

Ocean of Love.





Q: What is your life long dream?

To live life and be happy.


vote Q: If you could talk to the President what would you talk about?



Ireland and the flagQ: Have you ever tried to do something you know you would be really bad at, what was it?

Talking Irish.


cool guy Q:On a scale of 1 to 10 how “cool” are you?