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Almost every business person wants one – an office located in a distinguished part of a notable metropolis with on site reception services. Why? Because this immediately projects a professional image to your clients and also affirms your company as a prominent concern in the business community. The reality is, the ideal office location often caries with it significant costs such as rent, heating and electricity bills not to mention having to pay a receptionist to manage your calls and or carry out administrative work for you. Truth be told, in the initial set up phase of a business, these costs can be punitive at best.

The solution…Call Pal’s Business Virtual Office Services. Call Pal’s Business Virtual Office Services lends your business the professional appearance it deserves at a fraction of the cost associated with renting a city centre premises. Starting from as little as €30.00 per month our services include:


  • Call Pal’s Mail Handling / Mail Forwarding Service

Use our city centre location address in Ireland’s Western Capital as your business address. We can receive your post, notify you by email when it arrives and subsequently forward it to a designated address if you so wish. Not only does having a city centre address heighten your professional profile, it also means that your residential address remains private.


  • Call Pal’s Smart Numbers

Use our Smart Numbers to target clients in a specific local area or give your business a national reach.


  • Call Pal’s Diary Management

Allow us to manage the time consuming job of booking your appointments so you can focus on ongoing client projects or day to day tasks that require your immediate attention.


  • Call Pal’s Holiday Cover

When you need to take a well deserved break or know that you need short term cover for your reception, Call Pal’s Holiday Cover Service will ensure your business continues to operate without any disruptions to your client services.


  • Call Pal’s Switchboard Overflow

A busy reception has it’s pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s an indication that your business is doing well. On the other hand, a busy reception can mean that your reception is overstretched leading to important sales or client calls being missed. Call Pal’s Switchboard Overflow Service provides additional support to your reception during busier periods, ensuring that every call, whether it be from an existing or potential client is answered.


  • Call Pal Call Answering

In an age where good customer service is a key part of gaining and retaining business, it is imperative that your business has a ‘voice’ – and we mean that in the literal sense. Statistics show that a staggering number of callers (60% to be exact) will not leave a voicemail on a business phone line that goes unanswered. And this, more often than not, prompts customers to move to your competitors. Call Pal’s call answering service guarantees that your existing and potential clients’ calls are answered and managed in a professional manner. By providing this simple but effective service, the Call Pal PA team becomes a seamless extension of your business, ensuring that your business has a ‘voice’ and continues to grow.


We welcome all our potential clients to trial our services before committing to it. There is no risk or obligation – just the benefits of having your calls professionally managed for 7 days…..absolutely FREE!


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