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Is your business telephone still relevant?

The digital age we live in has given us such a vast range of ways to communicate that it can be easy to forget just how important phone calls are. All you have to do nowadays is pick up your smartphone and open an app such as Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger etc to communicate with someone. So picking up the phone and speaking to someone may not be as obvious as it seems. And whilst customers and consumers love contacting the brands they  are working with over social media, talking to another human being over the phone cannot be beaten. Here are 5 reasons that support why we think it’s a good idea to get talking…

1. Believe it or not, not everyone is on the internet

Although we’ve already pointed out that the world at large seems to centre around social media and ecommerce sites, a valid point worth remembering is that not everyone is online – and not everyone is online all the time. Ignoring offline clients means you run the risk of alienating a significant number of potential clients and pushing them into the open arms of your competition.

2. Speaking of your competition…

There is a very real chance that your competition is 100% online in which case you stand to gain a real competitive edge over them by having a human voice at the end of your phone line. A ‘real live person’ answering a client query over the phone gives way to a positive image of your company being developed in the caller’s mind. By speaking to them, you connect on a personal level that no other form of communication (other than face to face) can reach. This means that when the client thinks of your company, they’ll remember your voice as opposed to an impersonal email.

3. A phone is great for your brand

Potential customers looking for a company to work with or buy from, more often than not look for a phone number. A phone number gives the same legitimacy to your company as having an office in a reputable location or a website compiled by a  professional designer. And it reinforces your offline presence by confirming that you are  a  real business.

4. People who call generally have a problem that needs solving

People calling a business over the phone generally have a question or a problem that needs to be resolved quickly. Talking to customers directly over the phone is a great way of helping to solve their problems quickly as well as identifying issues that may affect other customers as well. An example is a customer calling in relation to a broken link on your website. Your answering their call not only saves you a sale, it also means you can quickly solve a problem that could have cost you thousands of sales had you remained unaware of it.

5. It’s personal

Complex problems or problems of a personal or sensitive nature are often best solved over the phone. Also, when it comes to scheduling appointments or deliveries, speaking to a person who has their schedule to hand can greatly reduce the frustration caused by seemingly endless hours of email tennis.


The bottom line is that, in spite of the world being obsessed with digital communication, your phone is still relevant and very important to the successful running of your business.

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