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Here is a truth that we as human beings find difficult to accept – we cannot be good at everything. And in the business world, what rings even truer is that few business owners are good at taking breaks or even going on extended holidays. This can, however be detrimental to a business and even have a knock on effect in important personal relationships. Here’s why you need – no deserve – to go on a break. we’ve also included some tips on how to best prepare ahead of your break / holiday.

Potentially Dangerous

There is a common misconception that constantly thinking about your business is a good exercise. It can, in fact, be quite destructive. Working exceptionally long hours for sustained periods of time will inevitably render you less productive. Taking a break means you’ll return refreshed, re-energised and re-focused. A lot of the things that you’ve been worrying about will either seem trivial or more manageable. You’ll also be better equipped to deal with your workload on your return especially because 21st Century work environments by and large are quite relentless challenging.

The Approach

Naturally, many business owners worry about the potential problems that will arise when they are away. You can minimise potential issues that may arise by approaching your holiday systematically and in a timely manner ahead of your break. Implementing effective systems and processes for dealing with customer service, cashflow, enquiries, sales, delivery etc is vital. If possible, let your customers know several weeks in advance that you’ll be away. You should also let your clients know who to contact in your absence as well as inform your suppliers that you are taking  break amending orders as necessary. As far as your staff team goes, their job descriptions should be clear and they should have adequate training on your systems. That way, if you are the business owner, going away is not such an issue.

You Deserve It

Business owners are the most deserving of breaks or holidays simply because they carry a huge amount of responsibility and pressure. Research carried out in the US and Israel confirms that people who go on holidays return feeling healthier both physically and psychologically and this can only bode well for business leaders.

The Detox

It is virtually impossible to forget about your business while you are away especially because modern technology can give you access to your business in just a few clicks or screen taps. However, if you’re planning a day at the beach or going out to dinner, leave your phone in your room so you resist the temptation to check your email. Select a time of day, usually late afternoon/early evening is a good time, to check your emails. That way, you are not focusing on your business all day and you can tend to any pressing problems by making a call if necessary.

Let’s Get Talking

Sole traders in particular need to keep the lines of communication while they are away but still enjoy their time out. There are several ways of doing this including setting up an out of office email or leaving your answering machine on with a holiday specific voicemail. The down side of leaving your answering machine on is that there is strong chance (a 60% chance in fact!) that your inbound callers will not leave you a voicemail. With that in mind, hiring a professional reception management service is often the best way to make sure you don’t miss any calls from your existing clients and opportunities from potential clients. At Call Pal, for instance, we offer Holiday Cover for the periods when you are away or need additional cover. Essentially, we act as an extension of your business, professionally managing your calls in your company name so you can have peace of mind during a well deserved break!

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