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More often than not, we are asked to describe exactly what it is we do as a company. Let me put it to you this way – at Call Pal we understand that entrepreneurs are busy people. There are endless meetings to attend, staff to manage, product and brand development and much more. And threaded through all these duties is a seemingly endless stream of phone calls from existing and potential clients, marketing companies and much more. Call Pal offers a Reception Management Service that can be provided in a number of ways:

1. We manage all of your inbound reception calls

In essence this can be done in 2 ways.
i. If you do not have an existing landline, Call Pal can issue you a number that corresponds with the Irish Geographic region you wish your business to be based in using our Call Pal Smart Numbers system. Once your number is set up and live, your calls will come through to our Call Pal Reception Management team who will answer the call in your company name. This solution works particularly well for smaller businesses who want to present a more professional image without breaking the bank and hiring a full time receptionist.
ii. If you have an existing landline, you can divert this number to our Call Pal office. Calls will come through to our Call Pal Reception Team and again, the calls with be answered in your company name.
In both of the above cases, we work closely with the client to develop a script that is specific to their business thus ensuring there is no customer confusion when calls come through to your Call Pal PA. We also make sure that messages left by the client’s inbound callers are sent in a timely manner and in an email format that is easy to read.


2. Switchboard Overflow
Often times in larger companies, there can be periods when the resident receptionist / reception team is over stretched due to higher than normal call volumes. In this instance, Call Pal acts as another member of your team making sure that your business continues to deliver excellent customer service during busier periods.
So how does it work?
i. Calls will come through your business line as per usual.
ii. If the call remains unanswered for between 3 and 5 rings, a Call Pal PA will be on hand to manage the call using your company and a script specific to your business so there is no customer confusion.
iii. Inbound calls can then be transferred to a preferred / designated extension or a message can be taken and emailed to you.

There are distinct advantages to having a Reception Management Service at your disposal including:
1. You don’t miss ANY calls. Having access to our Call Pal Reception Management Team means you never miss a call from potential or existing client again.
2. You have freedom of movement. You can leave the office knowing that there is no risk of your calls not being answered.
3. Keep your customer service at the highest levels. Because Call Pal answers your calls in your company name, any customer confusion is avoided and your business’ customer service levels are kept at a premium.
4. Endless voicemails? Not a problem! Because the Call Pal Reception Team doesn’t miss calls, you don’t have to spend time checking your voicemail.
5. Cost effective. Call Pal’s Reception Management Service means you add the value of having a personal assistant to your business without the hefty cost of recruiting and hiring additional employees.
6. Keep your focus. Regardless of whether you are on the road with a job or attending an important meeting, you can be free from the concern that you are missing opportunities as Call Pal will manage all your inbound calls.

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