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Providing premium customer service to our clients is  a cornerstone company ethos at Call Pal. Although many people tend to shy away from it, customer service can be a great doorway to a rewarding career. It also has the power to give employees, especially new ones, the skill sets and education they need to succeed at their companies. Here’s how…

Inside information

If you’ve ended up in a customer service position where you have to communicate with internal departments using technical jargon or terminology that feels extraordinarily foreign to you, don’t despair. Unfamiliarity in a customer service position can be hugely advantageous. Not only does it potentially create an empathy in you for the customer, it also turns you into an expert ‘translator’ so to speak as you can explain and demonstrate the key benefits and features of your products in a way that makes sense to  clients. It can even open the door for you to become a valuable asset in a variety of departments within your organisation.


Untapped talent…

Your fresh, energetic talent as a customer service employee is a an absolute gift. Really. Having a firsthand view of the issues clients encounter often means you have the most original ideas on how to improve products, sales processes and even the customer care process. Once you have a firm grasp on what the organisation you are working for does and how the various departments in the same work together, the sky is the limit as for as your career trajectory goes.


You Learn…Quickly!

More often than not, customer service roles throw you ‘in the deep end’and have you facing a myriad of situations as you endeavour to help customers solve their problems. Inbound callers will often be frustrated or under pressure from people higher up in their company. The advantage of being plunged into these situations is that you get better and faster at knowing how to guide your customers to the most helpful solution.


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