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Entrepreneurs being the ‘go getters’ that they are often assume the ‘Superman / Superwoman’ mantle and feel they need to perform every task relating to their business. But as their organisations grow, it becomes extremely difficult to ‘do it all’. Managing what can be an endless stream of incoming calls and a diary full of appointments can be time consuming and overwhelming. For this reason, many smaller to medium enterprises will consider using a personalised call answering service. A lot of times, however, business owners are unsure of exactly what a call answering service is. By definition, it is a service whereby a third party answers inbound calls on behalf of a company or an individual, takes messages and delivers them to the recipient usually by text or email.

So Why Would A Company Need A Call Answering Service?

There are a number of reasons a business may need a call answering service including:

  • Absence of a business landline
  • The cost of having an in house receptionist is too high
  • The company is home based and does not have enough space for a receptionist
  • The business owner/s and their employees travel extensively with very limited time to attend to inbound calls
  • Having a call answering service will improve your business’s professional image
  • The business is missing inbound sales calls from existing and potential clients resulting in lost revenue.

Consistency Wins Out

Businesses often benefit from having a call answering service because it functions as an extension of the organisation. A personalised answering service guarantees your company has consistent, branded interactions with existing and potential clients and also gives more of an ‘in house’ reception feel as opposed to a service that is based out of a remote office.

Your Sales Are Protected

In a business world that is competitive and teeming with choice for the customer, missing a sales call can have profoundly negative effects in terms of incoming revenue. A staggering 60% of callers will not leave a voicemail if their call is unanswered and this can lead to the loss of thousands of Euros. By having a call answering service, companies not only maintain existing sales but also have the opportunity to increase their sales as calls are not being missed.

Bearing all that in mind…

If you are looking to add a professional feel to your business, decrease your work load, maintain your client base and even increase sales, Call Pal’s personalised call answering service could be exactly what your company needs. Not sure if we are the right fit for you? Then why not give our free 7 day trial a go? Even better, sign up for 12 months and get one month ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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