Here are a few frequently asked questions

How does call answering work?

Call answering is a service where a third party, in this case a member of the Call Pal PA team, answers a call in your company name and emails you the details of the call in real time.

I see you offer a free trial. How do I sign up?

You can call us directly on 1890 511 400 to book your trial or go to our ‘Free Trial’ page.

How long does it take to set up a trial?

We can you have you set up in as little as 24 hours.

I am using a mobile for my company – can you give me a landline number?

Yes, using our Smart Numbers service.

How long will it take for me to get my new business number?

Generally, we can issue your number straight away. If we do not have a number that correlates with your desired location, it may take a number of days for us to get the number you.

I have a landline already. Can I keep it?


How do I get my existing landline connected to Call Pal?

We will set up a number in your company name on our system to divert your landline to. You will need to contact your telecommunications provider and advise them to divert your landline to the number we have set up for you.

Can you transfer calls to a landline or mobile? Is there an additional cost for this?

Yes, we can. Transfers to Irish landlines are free. Calls transferred to mobiles or international numbers carry an additional charge.

Can I divert my mobile number to you?

Yes. You can contact your mobile phone provider to find out how to divert your iPhone or Android phone. There are also instructions available online.

Do I have to divert my number to you permanently?

No – you can have active control of your diversion so that you only divert your company line/s to us when it’s necessary to do so.

How does your overflow system work?

You can have your office line/s set up to divert to us if they remain unanswered after a certain period of time i.e. 15s. You will need to contact your telecommunications provider to set this up according to your overflow requirement. Once the call diverts, a member of the Call Pal PA team will take your call and send the details of the call to you in an email.

Where is Call Pal based?

We are based in Ireland’s Western Capital, Galway City.

Do you outsource any part of your service to other countries?

No – we are based solely in Ireland.

How long do I have to keep the service?

Our minimum contract term is 3 months.

Can I use Call Pal for a couple of weeks at a time when I’m away or member of staff are on annual leave?

Yes – in this instance, we would recommend our Holiday Cover service. To find out more about this service, visit our Holiday Cover Page.

What are your working hours?

Currently, we open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 6.00pm.

Will I still receive messages from calls that go through to Call Pal outside of your opening hours?

Yes – we send messages left for your business outside of our opening hours on the morning of the following business day.

Do callers ever know that they are through to a call answering service?

No – we make sure that all our agents are well versed on how to answer your calls. That way, the Call Pal team serves as a seamless extension of your business.

Do your Call Pal PAs follow a script?

Yes. We send you an information request with a number of questions relating to your business for you to answer. Based on the answers you give us, we compose a call answering script for the Call PA Team to follow ensuring that your calls are managed uniformly across the team.

Can I change my script at any stage?

Yes – as your business grows and changes, we can make changes to your script so the Call Pal team continues to answer your calls as per your requirement.

What types of businesses use your service

We offer our services to a wide variety of businesses and we are continually branching into new business sectors. Currently, we have clients from the Accounting, Legal, Hospitality,  Engineering, Medical, Gardening, Event Management, Online Retail, Financial Consulting and Health and Safety Sectors.

Still have a question?

Call 1890 511 400 or click here