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The Benefits of Call Pal Call Answering / Telephone Management

Typically SME owners are busy people with hefty workloads, endless meetings, travel in some cases etc and this makes it virtually impossible to manage inbound calls from potential or existing clients. And whilst the obvious solution would be to hire a full time receptionist, the truth is there may not be a budget to hire a full time member of staff or the space particularly if your business is based from home. Call answering not telephone management as it is sometimes called is a great way of making sure that your calls are well managed during business hours and it has significant benefits not only for SMEs but for larger enterprises as well. For instance:


  1. You Maintain a Professional Image

Picture it – you are running into an important meeting and the phone rings. And it happens to be that potential client you’ve been wanting to speak to for about 3 weeks. You answer the call but are flustered, trying to mouth an apology to the person you are meeting whilst politely delaying (yet again) the call you’ve been hoping to get for the longest time. It’s a scenario that tends to repeat itself frequently in the life of many a startup entrepreneur and can compromise the professional image you’re trying to put forward. Having a third party answer your calls in your company name can eliminate scenarios like this and preserve the professional image of your business and give it the gravitas it deserves. As the saying goes, start as you mean to continue.


  1. Free up your time

Aside from the important calls you can’t afford to miss, there can be an endless stream of spam calls or potentially that have the potential to eat away at your time. A telephone management service can act as a filter for spam calls and handle more complex calls so that you are free to focus on other aspects of your business and only answer the calls you need to or not at all.


  1. Keep the Revenue Coming In

There is a startling statistic that 60% of callers will not leave a voicemail if their call remains unanswered. In terms of incoming revenue to your business, that can be a substantial amount of money. Having a call answering service handle your inbound calls will ensure that you are not missing any vital sales calls thus maintaining existing and potential incoming revenue.


  1. Reduced Staff Costs

Having a full and even a part-time receptionist can be a very expensive investment particularly when you are at the beginning stages of your business. And should you have any onsite staff that can answer calls, it may not be the best solution as their attention will be diverted from the tasks they should be attending to. A telephone management service is a great way of making sure you keep staffing costs down and ensuring that any onsite staff remain focused on the jobs they need to complete on a day to day basis.


  1. Increase Your Influence

There is no harm in dreaming big even when you are starting your business. With that in mind, a call answering service will give the impression that your business is a large concern with significant influence in the business world.


  1. Choice

With Call Pal’s Smart Numbers you get to choose where you want to concentrate your sales efforts as a business. If you want to have a more local feel to your business, you can choose a number that is specific to your city or county. If you want to have a more national reach you can choose a Dublin based number or a number that is not geographically specific such as an 1890 0r 1800 number. Numbers that are not geographically specific tend to be lo-call numbers as well which may be attractive to your inbound callers.


  1. Stay Covered

For larger enterprises there can be periods when additional support is required such as unexpected staff absences, holiday cover or periods when an existing reception is busy with incoming calls. A service such as Call Pal Cover will act as a seamless extension of your business as calls are answered in your company name thus eliminating any customer confusion. Knowing that your reception is being supported by a professional telephone management service takes the stress of trying to find staff cover during unexpected absences away. It also means that you can enjoy any scheduled time you have off knowing that your calls are being managed by professionals.


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