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Avoid extra costs 

Lack of time and resources are the biggest challenges faced when running a business. As the age old saying goes ‘time is money’ and the importance of working efficiently and effectively is key. The recruitment and selection process can be extremely time-consuming so hiring the right person for the right job at the right time is vital! Call answering removes the stress and time of recruitment and training with guaranteed professional call handling services your business call answering needs are covered.


Reduce Costs 

Virtual receptionists end up being quite a lot cheaper than an in-house receptionist when the rough costs of an in-house receptionist can be anywhere between €26,000- €30,000 a year and this isn’t including benefits such as paid holidays. Compare this to a virtual receptionist where you pay per minute or a monthly package that can be upgraded and downgraded at any time to suit your business demands. Most small business would be spending roughly 600 Euro per month and you won’t be paying for special benefits, vacations or breaks as virtual receptionist services cover the entire day, breaks and all!

The average receptionist will spend approx 70% of their day monitoring the phones and relaying messages, the other 30% of the time they spend on various duties that may leave them unable to answer incoming calls.

Do you know how much time is spent on your call answering?

We have found the cost saving benefits of utilizing call answering services will save you approximately 67% compared to the costs of an In-House Receptionist. Not only do you experience cost saving benefits but with outsourcing your call answering via professional call answering services your calls will not go unanswered!

Do you know how much you can save with call answering?


Increase availability and reliability 

Whether you need the extra help or your business is online a virtual receptionist is ideal. Many businesses do not have a physical address or office space and this is where virtual receptionists can work to your advantage. For those of you who have ever thought ‘I wish I had a personal assistant to take care of this’ a virtual receptionist can look after your day to day needs for a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist at a highly professional level.  Call Pal offer a trusted mail handling service and physical Irish address for your business so you can direct any mail to a secure address so it is safely collected and organised.

       Cost saving tips for your business with Call Pal call answering


Capture leads and never miss a call!

Be assured that no call will go unanswered. An in-house receptionist may have the highest level of expertise but may still miss calls at times of high volumes of incoming calls. In-house receptionists will take holiday days, sick leave for example where virtual receptionists make sure all of your calls get answered every single day. You will experience consistency and reliability at all levels and those potential leads, urgent messages will not be missed. Missing a call is a thing of the past!


More time. Less stress

Virtual receptionists take away all of those extra costs and time involved with recruiting, selecting, training and managing, so many businesses can focus on key tasks at hand with the assurance of a high-quality service. With virtual receptionists, the stress of training new employees and monitoring their progress is gone. Capture leads and complete eradication of missed calls and opportunities.

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