The crew that make the magic happen
<center>Rachael Gray</center>

Rachael Gray

Founder and Managing Director
<center>Gordon Fahy</center>

Gordon Fahy

Telecommunications Director
<center>Daragh Naughton</center>

Daragh Naughton

Technical Director
<center>Eoghan Murray </center>

Eoghan Murray

Online Lead Generation & B2B Adwords Strategist
<center>Bernie Burke</center>

Bernie Burke

Account Manager
<center>Evin O’Toole</center>

Evin O’Toole

Business Development
<center>Donna Murray </center>

Donna Murray

Office Manager and Call Pal PA Agent
<center>Lucia Evans</center>

Lucia Evans

Business Development and Call Pal PA Agent
<center>Emla Palmer</center>

Emla Palmer

Marketing Strategist and Call Pal PA Agent
<center>Stephanie Welby</center>

Stephanie Welby

Call Pal PA Agent
<center>Michael Mullins</center>

Michael Mullins

Call Pal PA Agent
<center>Emily Maloney </center>

Emily Maloney

Call Pal PA Agent
<center>Marie McDonagh</center>

Marie McDonagh

Call Pal PA Agent